This WebSDR receiver located in Annemasse MJC - JN36CE - France - is operated by Radio Club F8KCF. Sysop: Noel f6bgc
Here is a link for F8KCF WebSDR mobile version You can also visit our 10GHz dual WebSDR server installed on Saleve mountain, 1284m asl.
More info about WebSDR : Tnx to Phil M0DNY for SAT Track from

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* More information about this VHF/UHF websdr server #1: Click here.
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* Hyper WebSDR server #2 installed for 10GHz remote monitoring on top of Mont Saleve, 1284m asl JN36CD -URL
* More information about new Hyper 10GHz WebSDR server #2: Click here.


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